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You can book a:

Mini Consultation
(30 minutes)

  • Discuss your hair journey
  • Establish key areas you need help
  • Tips & tools to overcome your issues
  • Tried & tested effective techniques
  • Access to tutorials suited to your hair
  • Essential tools shopping list
  • 3 month customised plan
  • Elle & Neecie on stand by to guide you (up to 1 month post session)

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Natural Hair Guru Session
(60 minutes)

  • Discuss your hair journey & goals
  • Establish key areas you need help
  • Tips & tools to overcome your issues
  • Tried & tested effective techniques
  • Access to tutorials suited to your hair
  • Essential tools shopping list
  • 3 month customised plan
  • Elle & Neecie on stand by to guide you (up to 1 month post session)

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Follow-Up Session
(20 minutes)

  • Check in to discuss your progress
  • Solve any issues you may have encountered since your session
  • Elle & Neecie on stand by to guide you (up to 1 month post session)
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Welcome to the next step of your natural hair journey

Book a session below:

Can you relate to any of the following?

  • Feeling overwhelmed

    when trying to choose from the vast amount of hair care products available to find something suitable for your tresses?

  • Struggling

    with mastering techniques to style and care for your tresses? Unsure how to tweak your hair routine for optimum results?

  • Confused

    about the vast amount of terms used? Does co-wash, ACV, protective styling, density & porosity sound alien to you?

  • Lack of support

    & negative comments from friends, family & co-workers getting you down?

  • Transitioning

    to natural, but you don't have a clue where to start, what to do & what to expect?

  • Busy lifestyle

    taking it's toll on your hair? No time to trail through all the info on the internet?

We're ready to help you!

Because in reality:

1. It is never too late to learn to care for your hair
2. You're not alone; during our journeys we have also experienced frustration & cluelessness
3. We're ready to empower & assist you to save time, work out a hair regime & feel confident & comfortable with your natural tresses

We can be in your corner ready to encourage you and have your back every step of the way!

This is perfect for you if...

* You've already spent excessive time & money on tools, products & trying techniques that are not giving you the results you desire

* You're willing to commit to a plan to get results

* You already or are willing to love your hair in all it's glory

* You're open to tweaking and letting go of your current hair habits

* You're ready to become a naturalista friend to a (or maybe even two) ladies who are passionate about natural hair!

This is not for you if...

* You're not ready to invest an hour of your time to discussing your hair troubles & learning tools, tips, techniques along with receiving a customised plan to guide you towards becoming your own natural hair guru

* You're unable to dedicate time after our session to implement the actionable tasks discussed to invest in the health of your hair

* You are experiencing hair loss or have questions relating to hair colour. We recommend consulting a trichologist and hair stylist respectively

Are you ready to be
your own natural hair guru?

About Elle & Neecie

Team 1

Elle Jourdainne

Natural Hair Coach

A 'veteran' naturalista, Elle is passionate about empowering others to embrace their natural tresses.

Growing up, Elle struggled to love, embrace & understand her hair texture. After a hair mishap involving red hair dye & relaxer (don’t do it!), she decided to transition in 2006.

After doing extensive research she taught herself to care for her tresses. Elle finally did the big chop in 2008 & has embraced her curls & coils ever since.

Elle is on a mission to empower others to do the same; to be comfortable & confident rocking their tresses in it’s natural state!

Elle has co-hosted natural hair sessions at Africa Utopia & Women Of The World festivals. She also co-hosted a multi-city six week event tour, Natural Hair Week, in 2014

Click here to see Elle in action.

Team 3

Neecie Gold

Natural Hair Coach

Neecie is motivated to bring out the best in those who aim to discover their inner potential with confidence.

After going through two attempts to return to her natural hair texture, Neecie found the courage to stay committed with the support of her friends & family. The journey began by transitioning for ten months. She did her big chop in December 2012 & hasn't looked back since.

Her knock backs from loved ones has empowered Neecie to share her experiences with others about the importance of embracing your natural hair whilst discovering self acceptance.

Neecie is a creative host with a background in radio, natural hair, fashion & live music events.

Click here to see Neecie in action.


"Elle & Neecie have played a huge role in my acceptance of my natural texture! Elle has always encouraged me to persevere with my natural hair journey, helping me find suitable products along the way. Thank you ladies!"

Amie A.

"It was such a pleasure to meet these ladies when I attended one of the natural hair events in Birmingham. Just speaking to them got me excited about my hair journey! The useful tips that was shared during the panel & was also given to me personally by Elle & Neecie was really helpful. It allowed me to consider where I was going wrong & what habits I needed to change. Since applying the tips & techniques, I've seen a significant change in the health of my hair."

Sylvie K.

"I met Elle & Neecie at the natural hair session they hosted at the Africa Utopia festival. They kindly took the time out to help me & answer the multitude of questions I had about caring for my daughter's hair. Since implementing their tips, wash days are no longer a nightmare in my house!"

Charlene M.

Ready to take the next step on
your natural hair journey?


We've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent our sessions & it's potential to help you during your natural hair journey. Please note, we are not stylists or trichologists, but natural hair coaches. There is no guarantee that you will reach your hair goals using the techniques you learn from the sessions. Attaining similar results discussed is dependent upon a number of factors. These factors include the current health of your hair, dedication & skill. You alone are responsible for implementing the tips, techniques, tools & tasks discussed. Any statements outlined in our sessions are our opinion. They are not guarantees but expectations or forecasts for future potential.

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